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** Weight Watchers has transitioned into a new program called WW Freestyle. The points system is still referred to as Smart Points; however, the values of various foods have changed. All the posts from February 2017 to the present have now been updated to reflect the new program. I am not an employee of Weight Watchers, my posts are not endorsed by Weight Watchers, and I do not get compensated by Weight Watchers for my posts. Incorporating Smart Point values in my posts reflect how I use the program in my every day life. **

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Air Fried Meatloaf

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The air fryer continues to amaze me!  These little meatloaves came out so cute and yummy!  They made my house smell amazing.  My 16-year old kept asking when they were going to be ready. He was very happy when they were done and he said they came out good! Yippee!  They are very flavorful and moist.  Definitely going to be making these again.

It's a pretty basic recipe for meatloaf, but it's the air frying technique that was kind of tricky because I didn't want to over or under cook the meat.  Also, because the air fryer circulates such high heat with the heating element relatively close to what you're cooking, there's always a chance of burning the tops.  I thought about covering the top with aluminum foil for the first part of cooking, but decided not to for this experiment.  Luckily they turned out well!  I think my strategy of re-glazing a couple times during cooking really helped.

As always, adjust the smart points based on the ingredients you actually use in your recipe, but here are the ingredients I used with the point values I used.

·      1 pound lean ground beef (93% fat free), raw -15 SP
·      ½ medium onion, chopped -0SP
·      1/3c Kellog’s corn flakes cumbs -3SP
·      1-2 tsp salt -0SP
·      1-2 tsp freshly ground black pepper -0SP
·      1 tsp (or 2 cloves) minced garlic -0SP
·      8oz tomato sauce -0SP
·      1 tsp dried basil – 0SP
·      5 Tbsp Heinz reduced-sugar ketchup -1SP
·      3 tsp Splenda (or Truvia) brown sugar blend -3 SP
·      1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce -1 SP
·      ½ Tbsp lightly dried (or fresh chopped) Parsley -0SP

·      Chop onion to desired size
·      Combine ground beef, onion, corn flakes crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic and about 6oz of the tomato sauce (save other 2oz for the glaze).

·      Mix well (by hand is best to really combine all the ingredients).
·      Take your mini loaf pans if using pans and use paper towel to lightly coat the inside with oil.  I prefer using these Petite Silicone Loaf Pans by Le Silicone (I’ll show you why later).
·      Split your meat mixture into two, then place into loaf pans. (I put my hand in the picture so you have an idea of the size of these pans.....cute, huh?)

·      Make your glaze by combining the 2oz of tomato sauce, reduced-sugar ketchup, brown sugar blend, and Worcestershire sauce.

·      Brush the glaze on top and on the sides of your meatloaves.  Here’s why I like using silicone pans…I can pull the sides down to get the glaze all around the loaf.  And obviously, if you use a pan there will be less clean-up in your air fryer later.

·      Place loaves into your preheated air fryer.

·      Air fry at 360 degrees for 20 minutes, pausing twice through cooking to re-glaze the loaves (this will give great flavor as well as moisten the tops of your loaves to prevent burning from the air fryer’s heating element).   I paused at the 11 minute mark and then again at the 3 minute mark.  Feel free to be generous with the glaze because there’s plenty of it.

·      Remove loaves from air fryer and immediately sprinkle the chopped parsley on top.

·      Let cool for a few minutes before removing from silicone pans. 

Based on my calculations, ½ of a loaf is 6 smart points.   This would go great with some mashed potatoes!  I ran out of potatoes, so rice it is with a hefty serving of yummy greens!  Happy Eating!

Update on January 7, 2018:  There are no changes to smart point values based on the WW Freestyle program.


  1. Quick question, can mini foil pans be used? Would this change cooking times?

    1. I am pretty sure foil tins can be used but you may want to spray with some non-stick spray. Not sure about cooking times since I've never tried using foil tins.

  2. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I just purchased an best air fryers
    . Go you have a FB page for sharing recipes, as well?

  3. How to reheat meat loaf in air fryer

    1. Hi. I haven’t tried reheating meatloaf yet, but I imagine it would just take a few minutes. If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!

  4. How can I print your recipes?

    1. Hi Nancy....at this time I don’t have a print feature on the blog. Hopefully in the future. Thank you for your interest in my recipes.

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  6. Have you tried this with ground turkey to lower the points?

    1. No I have not, but only because I don’t think my family would be into the ground turkey. It really would only make a difference if I used 99% fat free turkey to make the meat 0SP, but I feel like the loaf would be dry.

  7. looks burnt to me???

    1. The sauce darkens when cooked, just like a bbq sauce would have, that’s why it is spread on towards the end of cooking rather than the beginning. They weren’t burnt.

  8. Where did you order the silicone meatloaf pans from?

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  11. What size air fryer do you use with these loaf pans?

  12. I hadn't thought to try meatloaf in the air fryer, you are so smart. I forget how versatile it is sometimes. I always use ground turkey for my meatloaf and add egg for moisture and a tablespoon of Hershey's Cocoa powder. The cocoa powder gives the meat a rich, beefy flavor. (cocoa powder is not sweet at all and your meatloaf does not smell or taste the least bit chocolatey!) Thanks for the times and the glazing tip. Times are the trickiest for me.

  13. I found if you don't cover the meatloaf with alfoil it burns. I did 2 today and the first one started burning on top before it was cooked (after 15mins.) So I covered it with alfoil for the remainder of the cooking. Second 1 I covered it with alfoil to start with and did the last 10mins. With alfoil off.